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LinkedIn has the highest consumer buying power index of all social networks.

LinkedIn members are one-and-a-half times as likely to engage in conversation.

LinkedIn members are willing to pay almost twice as much for brands they trust.

Consumers trust information on LinkedIn twice as often as they trust content on other social networks.

About Us

LinkedInGuru was founded back in 2014 by Madina Younas a successful Entrepreneur & experienced Business Development Executive, helping businesses to build presence over LinkedIn which is the world’s most popular B2B platform. We are a proud team of +20 highly experienced linkedin marketers working around the clock for our international clients. Our team have a vast experience in LinkedIn strategies and their commitment to the clients makes LinkedInGuru a highly recommendable B2B LinkedIn lead generation agency.

Why LinkedIn?

With a user base of more than 500 million, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks where people can interact with professionals, share knowledge, find jobs and recruit talent. Not just that, with 61 million senior level influencers and 40 million decision makers, it is poised to be the most targeted platform for B2B companies to promote themselves.

Why choose LinkedInGuru?

  • Highly qualified leads are coming in your pipeline on daily basis
  • LinkedIn users visit your website through your profile
  • Business Marketing over LinkedIn with no additional cost or efforts
  • Business Page gets followers
  • Your profile will be visible in the top searches of "Your business category " means more business

What else our Gurus can do?

We can offer complete Business development training a highly recommended training for the sales team either you are a startup or at a corporate level. You might not be doing what we can teach you and help you to achieve your sales goal.

  • LinkedIn lead generation training including sales profile building
  • Email Marketing including CANSPAM act knowledge
  • Cold Calling training including Sales Script building
  • Inbound sales strategies including infrastructure
  • Freelance bidding over Upwork/Fiverr/Peoplesperhour/Guru including proposal building
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